How to disinfect shoes from athlete’s foot: super guide

Are there any conditions worse than having a fungus on the feet & having itchy, foul feet? Learn how to disinfect shoes from athlete’s foot & select the most effective method to eliminate the microorganisms. They might damage the soles of the feet; however, it is typically located between the toenails.

This unpleasant odor of the pair of sneakers or shoes can be an initial indication that they must be professionally cleaned. Toenail fungus & athlete’s foot fungus thrive in moist, gloomy conditions, and dark environments, giving shoes the ideal condition for bacteria growth.

I’ll go through tried-and-true techniques and proven ways to disinfect your shoes to prevent athlete’s foot.

how to disinfect shoes from athlete's foot

The reasons for foot odor

Let me just examine several possible causes. Remember that shoes and footwear serve as a perfect breeding ground for a fungal infection, including onychomycosis and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).

Athlete’s foot fungus: does it survive on shoes?

Fungal infections flourish in warm, wet, & shady environments. Hence, the bacterium thrives in the same shoes with wet socks and sweaty feet.

Should I throw away my shoes if I have athlete’s foot?

You don’t need to discard the shoes when you suffer from athlete’s foot or toenail fungus.

You may disinfect and eliminate them & kill off Tinea Pedis & treat infected feet.

What duration of time is the athlete’s foot in shoes?

Having athlete’s foot-infected shoes may provide the perfect environment for germs to grow & flourish. Fungi as well as bacteria may survive on the shoes and footwear long enough to result in reinfections.


How to disinfect shoes from athlete’s foot?

A shoe disinfectant spray and antibacterial spray should eliminate the microorganisms. Yet, there are a lot of alternative options.

What disinfectant kills athletes foot?

Users should be warned that if they keep wearing clothing that has previously been contaminated with fungus germs, the fungal disease may return through re-infection.

Choices for treatment

What can I put in my shoes for an athlete’s foot?

Deodorizing cleaning solutions additionally can disinfect. If you remove this disease, the odor and infection will go away. Sneakers should be washed in a washing machine using hot water plus antifungal laundry detergent.

Users must try to wear clean shoes as well as a new pair of dry socks each morning to combat the issue of toenail fungus. Numerous antibacterial aerosols or antifungal powders are home remedies.

Antibacterial spray

Using an antifungal solution is the most effective technique to clean shoes athlete’s foot since bacteria generate disease. To avoid athlete’s foot, properly spritz an antibacterial spray.

Such sprays are intended to kill the athlete’s foot fungus even while acting as a buffer, preventing re-infection.

Before actually putting the shoes back on, just let the spray dry completely. Pay attention to the guidelines on the packaging when applying an antifungal spray. Avoid utilizing spray if you suffer irritation or discomfort.

spray 1

Sprinkle Baking soda and vinegar

To absorb odor, fill each shoe with baking soda. This also affects how active the fungal spores are. Put concentrated white vinegar or apple cider vinegar into the shoes using a spray bottle.

This may aid in reducing the rate of development of fungal spores.

Baking soda and vinegar may really help you.

Baking soda, on the other hand, helps killing fungi but also removes the smells. Use a clean white cloth and a circular motion to wipe the shoes. Before cleaning them with a wet cloth, let the shoes stand for 10 to 12 hours. The disinfectant solution must dry completely.

Air-dry these shoes. When apple cider vinegar and baking soda get in direct contact with the skin, both may irritate it. Then wear socks and wear shoes immediately.

UV shoe sanitizers

Using a UV shoe sanitizer is one of the most effective ways. They release UV light from the inside of the shoes. The fungus is destroyed by UV light, which permeates its pores. UV shoe sanitizers are very easy to use. Place a gadget in each shoe. The type of product used can determine how long it takes to disinfect shoes.

It’s crucial to take a few easy measures while using a UV shoe sanitizer. Ensure the light doesn’t leak and possibly harm the skin or eyeballs. A UV shoe sanitizer may be used correctly & securely.


Foot powder

Is foot powder used to remove athletes’ foot from shoes?

In the face of foot powder, bacterial foot infections of the feet have no opportunity.

This is specifically made to destroy the fungus’s biological membranes.


While bleach can kill fungus, it can also be harmful & harm the skin, thus it is not advised as a therapy.

Is an athlete’s foot in shoes killed by bleach?

A bleach solution will likely eliminate the athlete’s foot fungal infection. It could be harmful & might irritate or inflame the skin.

Essential oils

Do essential oils kill mold from an athlete’s foot when wearing shoes?

Tinea Pedis could be cured with essential oils. Among the best oils for fighting fungus is tea tree oil.

Hot water and Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Lysol laundry sanitizer works wonders at eliminating germs and bacteria from laundry. Do you realize that it could additionally be used to disinfect shoes from athlete’s foot? Often, let the shoe air dry fully.

Is it possible to use anti-fungal detergents to kill off athletes’ foot in shoes?

When put in the washing machine with anti-fungal laundry detergent, athlete’s foot & toenail fungus have little opportunity to survive.


How to prevent fungus from growing on your shoes?

Should I put anything in the shoes to treat the athlete’s foot?

  • Wear flip-flops in uncharted, wet locations.
  • After working out, constantly disinfect the feet thoroughly before actually changing into your street clothes.
  • Always replace your socks & disinfect your shoes.
  • Use disinfectant spray.
  • Never wear shoes again until they have dried out.
  • Never put the same pair of shoes on day after day.
  • Manicure scissors should be properly cleaned in hot water using a brush. Use rubbing alcohol to dry them off.
  • Wearing flip-flops & completely drying your feet before entering pools and locker rooms is good for your toes.

How to prevent athlete’s foot from contaminating your laundry?

The ugly fungus inside your shoes shouldn’t spread bacteria to other places. Your goal is to prevent the spread of that infection.

For such a reason, users must keep infected socks, gym bags, as well as other wet, contaminated materials away from the laundry.

The following advice can assist you in keeping Tinea Pedis away from the laundry & house:

  • Isolate whatever has been in contact with the fungus.
  • Start cleaning up the gym bags & sneakers.


How frequently must you disinfect your shoes?

At the very least once every week, users ought to disinfect and clean their shoes. They may be required to apply it even more frequently if they have sweaty feet.

How Long Can athlete’s foot fungus live in shoes?

The fungus may live in the shoes for up to 20 months.


The toenails, the shoes, and even your feet may suffer from athlete’s foot. You now understand how to disinfect shoes from athlete’s foot! There are several methods for washing your shoes and also getting rid of that annoying shoe odor.

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