How to make yourself look taller with shoes?

There are many different things that people do to make themselves look taller. Some people get surgery, others wear tall clothing, and others wear shoes with a heel.

While there are many different methods that people use to make themselves appear taller, the use of shoes is one of the most common.

Many people choose only to wear shoes with a heel to appear taller. If you are looking for a way to make yourself look taller, learning about the different types of shoes that can help you achieve this goal is a good place to start.

Many different types of shoes can add height, and by understanding which ones work best for you, you can easily create the appearance of being taller.

So, if you are looking to make yourself look taller, you can easily do so by wearing shoes with heels.

Choose the right shoes:  

Your shoes are what people will notice first, so choosing the right type of shoe can make a difference in making yourself appear taller. One of the best shoes to wear to make yourself appear taller is high heels.

High heels help create an illusion that you are looking down on other people, making it seem like they need to look up at you.

Whenever possible, you should try to choose shoes with a heel at least two inches high. If you are shopping online, you can easily tell how high a shoe’s heel is thanks to the size of its heel.

You will notice that many people recommend wearing three or even four-inch heels, but this is just general advice. The choice of heel height is really up to your personal preference.

Many people look for shoes with an added platform to appear taller. This is especially true for men, as many shoes designed for women include a platform, so the man doesn’t need to wear such high heels to look more imposing.

If you are looking to purchase shoes with a platform, you should try on the shoe before buying it. While this feature will usually make your foot appear longer, it will not necessarily make you look taller.

This is because the height of the platform itself does not matter much – what matters more is how high up your footrests when wearing this shoe. Therefore, if possible, try to choose shoes with a platform that has a height that matches your own foot’s length.

Wear high heels for an instant height boost:

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make yourself appear taller, wearing high heel shoes is the best solution. While it may not be possible to wear high heels everywhere, this option does provide people with an easy way to make themselves look much taller.

Wearing high heels requires little preparation, as all you need to do is put on your shoes and go. In addition, high heels are the most versatile option, as you can wear them with both formal outfits and casual attire.

One important thing to remember when wearing high heels is that not all outfits will be appropriate for this type of shoe. You should avoid pairing high heel shoes with anything too casual or revealing, as you don’t want to look like you threw these shoes on in a hurry.

In addition, high heels should only be worn with skirts and dresses that fall just above the knee, as anything shorter can make your legs look disproportionate.

If you will wear high heel shoes, then it is important to remember that there are different types available. The main thing that sets each high heel apart is the height of its heel, and this is apparent in both men’s and women’s shoes.

Several types of high heels are available for purchase, such as stiletto heels, wedges, and pumps. Each type functions differently and provides a different look when worn.

If you are going to wear high heel shoes, you should remember a few things. For example, if you have never worn high heel shoes before or have been a long time since you last wore them, your feet will probably ache for the first hour or so of wearing these types of shoes.

In addition, women who plan to wear high heel shoes should keep in mind that they will have to practice walking in them, as wearing these shoes is quite different from walking with regular footwear.

When you are wearing high heels for the first time, it may be good to walk around your house a few times before venturing outside.

Tips: Remember to only wear high heels with skirts or dresses that fall just above the knee, as anything shorter can make your legs look disproportionate. In addition, avoid pairing high heel shoes with any too casual or revealing outfit.

If you are going to wear these types of shoes, it is important to remember that they may cause some discomfort during the first hour or so of wear.

Add a heel insert to your favourite shoes:

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that don’t fit correctly? If so, then a heel insert might be the perfect solution. A heel insert is a small device that will make it seem like you are wearing taller shoes.

These inserts are so effective at increasing one’s height that some people even claim they were able to grow several inches.

They are made of durable rubber and are designed to be trimmed to fit virtually any shoe. This means that you don’t have to worry about making them fit your shoes perfectly, as it is easy for them to conform to the shape of your footwear.

Most of these inserts are made out of thick rubber, making them durable enough to last for several years. In addition, they are often designed with a slight heel at the bottom, which will make it much easier to walk around in your shoes.

If you have a favourite pair of shoes that don’t fit correctly or want to grow a few inches, you should consider using heel inserts. These inserts are made of durable materials and can last for several years.

Plus, they make walking around in your shoes much easier due to their added height and thicker soles.

Opt for platform shoes whenever possible:

When you walk, the length of your stride is determined by what kind of footwear you are wearing. It won’t be easy to take long steps due to their narrow design if you are wearing high heels.

However, if you wear platform shoes instead, your strides will be longer and more comfortable.

Platform shoes, or shoes with thick soles, are designed with comfort. They often look like regular high heels, but the difference is that they feature a thick wedge-shaped platform under the ball of your foot.

This makes it possible to take long strides without feeling uncomfortable due to their wider design.

If you want to be able to take long steps when wearing high heels, then platform shoes are a good option. Their thick heels make it possible to take long strides with ease and look your best.

Wear high-heel sandals:

High heel sandals are an excellent choice for women who want to look taller without wearing formal footwear. This is because these types of shoes feature both a platform and heels, which means that your height will be increased by several inches.

Unlike other high-heeled shoes, high-heeled sandals are usually comfortable to wear due to their wider design.

Even if you have difficulty walking in high-heel shoes, high-heel sandals might be an option because they are designed with comfort in mind. The majority of them have a wide base that makes it easier to balance yourself as you walk.

They also feature straps across your feet and ankles, keeping these areas secure during wear. This means that high-heel sandals are often much more comfortable than other heels, including sneakers and flat shoes such as flip flops or loafers.

Stick to darker colours and avoid wearing busy patterns:

Stick to dark colours and avoid wearing busy patterns. If you want to look taller, it is a good idea for you to wear shoes with a simple design. This is because dark colours are slimming and will make you look thinner, while busy patterns can do the opposite.

Since women wear high heels to look slimmer, it would seem counterproductive for them to wear shoes with busy patterns. These shoes will usually have an added platform on the front or back of each shoe, which makes you look shorter instead of taller.

Pay attention to your posture:

If you ever feel that your high heels aren’t doing much for you, take a look at your posture. If you are slouching or not standing up straight, then putting on an extra pair of shoes won’t be enough to correct this problem.

When you stand up properly and maintain good posture, it will create the illusion of being taller. This will make your shoulders appear broader and give you a fuller figure, even if it’s just a mind trick.

Try practicing good posture as much as possible until it becomes second nature to stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Avoid wearing sneakers:

It is best to avoid wearing sneakers and flat shoes to look taller. This is because they will not only make you shorter but thinner as well. Even if this isn’t a problem for your height, the added width of trainers and other types of athletic shoes can actively make you look larger than you would like.

This means that it might be better to avoid wearing these types of shoes, even if you want to achieve a more casual or sporty look. Try wearing Mary Jane or stiletto heels instead since they are slimmer and are much easier to walk in.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how to make yourself look taller with shoes.

What are some of the best shoes for looking taller?

High heeled wedges, stiletto heels, and platform shoes are all great choices since they can add several inches to your height without making it too difficult to walk in them.

Why should I avoid wearing sneakers or simple flat shoes if I want to look taller?

Sneakers and simple flat shoes are unflattering, but they will also make you look shorter instead of taller. Try wearing Mary Jane or stiletto heels instead since they are slimmer and are much easier to walk in.

What kind of colour should I wear if I want to look taller?

When you want to look taller, dark colours such as black and navy blue are always a great choice. Since they are slimming, these colours will make you appear thinner and taller.

Try to avoid wearing busy patterns to add even more height, and instead stick to solid and simple designs in dark colours.

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