How to remove yellow stain from shoes – causes and solutions

If you possess a pair of white shoes, you might be concerned about knowing how to remove yellow stains from the shoes. White shoes are stylish and fit well almost with all looks. Yet, they soon become tarnished with yellow filth. Thus, the following advice will help you remove yellow stains from white shoes.

Oxidation mostly contributes to the reason white soles and white shoes may start turning yellow, along with additional elements including dirt or poor cleaning.

It’s necessary to know why white shoes become filthy and how to avoid yellow stains on white shoes, so you can prevent them from turning yellow and stop worrying about removing the yellow stain.

how to remove yellow stain from shoes

Some reasons why shoes are turning yellow

Excessive exposure to the sun

Among the principal causes of yellow stains on white shoes is UV radiation.

This is a result of a chemical reaction between the dye on the white shoes and UV radiation.

Hence, frequent exposure to sunshine is what causes white shoes to turn yellow.

Accumulated stains and grime

It will result in bleach stains on white shoes. You just can’t stop them from piling up scuffs, and stains while you are wearing them. If white shoes aren’t frequently cleaned, they eventually start to turn yellow.

Abrasive cleaning agents

The problem sometimes may be due to the cleaning chemicals. Make careful to choose the appropriate white shoe care for your white shoe textile due to strong chemicals can destroy your white shoes. When working on chemicals, never forget to wear protective gear.

Dirt particles

Your white shoes will quickly turn yellow, filthy, and unclean if you wear them for even a few days.

Air-dry should be complete in order not to simply force the dust further into the fabric, potentially leading to lasting discoloration. White shoes will inevitably become soiled. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can test to make your white shoes look brand-new.

Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Shoes

How toothpaste functions on yellow stains

Yellow stains on your white shoes are even harder to clean. Using toothpaste to whiten yellowing soles and clean, white canvas shoes is an unexpectedly viable approach. Nonetheless, certain stains are still easily removable.

One method to remove stains from your shoes is toothpaste. Hydrogen Peroxide, a whitening ingredient found in toothpaste, can be applied to remove yellow stains from shoes and clothing.

Wet your shoes properly with water before cleaning them to prevent missing some stains.

To get rid of the yellow bleach stains, use toothpaste on the affected part. Make sure they are clean by brushing them with a toothbrush.

It’s crucial to brush properly to ensure that no discoloration is left. Air dry the shoes by putting them in a breezy area with excellent ventilation after properly rinsing them to get rid of the entire paste.

The toothpaste’s soft abrasive qualities can aid in removing stains and discoloration, while its whitening ingredients can aid in bringing out the color of the shoe.

The care instructions for your specific shoes should be checked before performing this procedure because not all types of shoes may be cleaned with toothpaste to remove yellow stains.

Homemade recipes to remove yellow stains

Gain knowledge on how to clean white shoes that turned yellow with items you most likely have at home.

Whether you intend to use a washing machine or remove stains manually, there are methods for eliminating yellow stains from shoes

Find out how to remove yellow stains from white shoes by gathering some typical kitchen appliances like baking soda, dish soap, and white vinegar.

Even the severest yellow stains may be eliminated with this straightforward removal agent, which uses items you most likely have around the home.

How lemon water assets in removing yellow stains

Since lemon juice is acidic and contains citric acid, it can erase yellow stains. The oxide-based yellow stains are affected by this process.

Lemon water also has an antibacterial effect, which helps to get rid of microbes and bacteria that have built up on shoes from repeated use. This approach of cleaning the shoes likewise aids in preventing certain foot illnesses.

When white shoes turn yellow, use lemon water to clean yellow stains because it successfully removes yellow stains while putting additional removing power and a nice aroma. For better effect, test the solution on a tiny, covert area before placing it on your shoes.

Lemon water is squeezed into a jar or dish and combined with water to create a kind of combination that removes stains. After that, wet the napkin with lemon juice and wipe your white sneakers’ properly. Leave the shoes in their current state for about 40 minutes, rinse them with water, or clean the whole shoe and sole with a clean moist towel.

Baking soda with Hydrogen peroxide

Combine a mixture of baking soda, which should be double the amount of hydrogen peroxide. Use the mixture of baking soda and peroxide to apply to the soles and shoes with an old brush. Wait 40 minutes before washing, or put them to air dry in the sun, then brush the substance off.


Hydrogen peroxide with hot water

Hydrogen peroxide and water should be combined, wet a soft cloth with hydrogen peroxide and rub it over the area, or leave the dirty part in the liquid for 30 to 45 minutes. After that, wash your item of clothes in cold water. If the stain has not been gone, try again before letting the area dry.

White vinegar

Bicarbonate with white vinegar is a tried-and-true recipe that is a must-try for anyone who has ever battled with stubborn yellow marks.

White vinegar is a strong remover to cope with the hardest yellow stains.

To make a paste, combine the same amounts of boiling water, white vinegar, and baking soda. This mixture containing white vinegar functions to remove yellow bleach stains and clean shoe soles. Put the compound in a circular movement with a toothbrush, keep the shoe air dry, then wipe the shoe soles using a damp cloth.

Dish soap

Yellow bleach stains can be simply and successfully removed from white shoes with dish soap, and it’s also okay to apply to different brands of canvas shoes.

Dish soap is a perfect substitute for shoe polish since it revives without discoloring leather.

White shoes reveal dirt and yellow stains more visibly than other colors, so work cautiously. A simple soak with a damp towel in liquid dish soap should eliminate the majority of stains but a moist cloth and liquid dish soap should dissolve the majority of stubborn stains.

Remove yellow bleach stains with laundry detergents

To make a cleaning solution that will remove the toughest stains, mix a little liquid laundry detergent with some warm water in a basin. Put the cleaning solution on the shoes using a brush while making circular movements. While you brush, periodically wash the cloth with warm water to prevent transferring dirt or yellowing stains to the shoes.

How laundry detergent can ruin your shoes

Shoes shouldn’t be washed in the washer with powder detergents. They tend to be cake, and if they don’t completely dissolve, they can destroy your shoes. Use washing capsules or liquid detergent as an alternative.

For additional odor-fighting strength, you can also add vinegar to the mixture.

It’s usually harmless to wash shoes produced of fabrics like canvas, nylon, cotton, and polyester in a washing machine. Laundry detergent shouldn’t harm these materials, as they are strong.

For cleaning marks and dirt from shoes, try a soft detergent mixed with water before adding a harsh cleaner such as bleach.

Removing yellow stains with the magic remover

The top tool for removing stains from white shoes, particularly from yellow soles, is a Magic Eraser.

Use the magic cleaner to eliminate any observed dirt or mud from the soles and other areas of your white leather shoes. It will amaze you how much filth can be eliminated by it. Use a clean cloth to wipe away any foam shavings.

Flood the foam in water, then spread it on your shoes to get rid of the worst stains and clean the soles. While Magic Erasers are effective at eliminating stains rapidly, you should use caution while applying them to your shoes.

Make sure that no scratches or marks are remaining before moving on. Magic cleaners are perfect for cleaning sensitive areas like shoelaces, as well as shoes with rubber or yellow highlights rather than suede or leather soles.

White shoes and yellow soles can also be cleaned with shaving cream.

Remove yellow stains with nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is beneficial for more than just nails, it removes yellow stains from white leather shoes.

White sneakers and other white shoes can have stains and discoloration removed with acetone, also called nail polish remover.

Acetone is a color remover that can be present in many home items, especially in beauty procedures and personal care products.

Your shoe’s yellow stain can be eliminated by carefully massaging it back and forth with a paper towel dipped in acetone. Before using acetone on your shoes, test a small area first, particularly if you’re cleaning a pair of white suede or canvas sneakers.

nails remower


How do I get the yellow off my shoes?

Using strong laundry detergent, remove yellow stains. Dish soap is used to clean white shoes.

Use wipes to remove yellow stains from white shoes, nail polish remover to erase unsightly yellow stains, and shaving cream to eliminate yellowed white shoes.

How do you get yellow shoes white again?

Let’s discuss how to make yellow sneakers white once more. The use of baking soda and water is one of the finest ways to accomplish this. Apply the resulting paste to the spots on your shoes that have turned yellow by combining the two components. The paste should be left on for many hours or overnight before being removed with warm water.

What causes yellow stains on shoes?

Yellow stains can be due to a variety of things, such as exposure to sunlight, perspiration, and specific chemicals. White leather shoes that have undergone chemical treatment are one of the kinds of shoe which is more susceptible to yellowing than others.

How to remove yellow stains from white shoes using baking soda?

Use room temperature water and baking soda in equal amounts, stir them to prepare a paste, then grab a toothbrush and dunk it in the new concoction.

The leather or cloth of the white shoes should be cleaned at the beginning. Your shoes’ soles are the dirtiest portion of the shoe, which is why. The effectiveness of the mixture to be used on the leather or cloth of the shoe would be diminished if you begin with the soles.


Yellow stains on shoes might not be easy to clear, but there are many efficient ways to do so for white shoes.

Because I don’t know how stubborn the yellow stains on your white shoes are, you shouldn’t rely solely on one method. I’ve listed all the possible options and hacks for you to try individually.

Whether you decide to use a cleaning agent, baking soda, or a different technique entirely, be sure to carefully follow the directions and take safety measures to prevent harming your shoes. You may quickly restore your shoes’ original cleanliness and whiteness with a little work.

If you try every approach, I’m hoping this advice will help you whiten your fading shoes and remove yellow stains.