Can you wear doc martens in the summer? Complete Guide

Can you wear doc martens in the summer? This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions about this type of footwear. In short, the answer is yes, and you can wear them in the summertime.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your doc martens to stay looking great all season long.

Read on for tips on wearing doc martens in the summer without sweating your style!

What are doc martens?

Doc Martens are a series of shoes initially manufactured by the company Griggs Ltd. in 1945 to 1950s England. They first found their way into women’s fashion as functional and sturdy shoes but have transitioned over the years to become a style statement for both men and women.

Though doc marten boots come mostly in black or brown, there are dozens of styles. This is part of what makes them so versatile when dressing in different outfits.

‘You choose between 14 eyelet lace-ups, 8 eyelets in both matte leather and shiny patent leather, 2 steel toe styles, 6 metal cap designs in matte or shiny finishes, classic heel taps with various heel height options, and loads more.

There are even subdivisions of doc martens to consider when considering how you want your boots to look beyond just the style you choose.

You can also pick what leather or material you want for the upper part of the boot, whether waxed cotton, smooth leather, suede, or one of their many other options.

This is a pretty long list to consider when you’re browsing for your first pair of doc martens online (which we’ll go into more later on), but at the end of the day, the choice is completely up to you. And it does make selecting doc martens a customized experience.

How to wear doc martens in the summer?

Doc Martens might originally have been a winter staple, but there is no reason you can’t make this a year-round wardrobe staple.

In the summertime, it’s especially important to be mindful of what your shoes are made from and how they will affect your feet in the heat.

Wearing leather or suede boots might not be the best choice for the warmer months. They are great for adding a bit of edge to your style but are much hotter than other types of shoes.

While they might not feel that warm in the winter when you’re bundled up in layers, once it gets warmer out, leather and suede boots can make your feet incredibly uncomfortable within minutes.

If you decide you want to wear leather or suede boots, keep in mind that you’ll likely be sacrificing comfort and breathability for style. If this is the look you’re going for, it’s worth doing.

Fortunately, there are many other styles of doc martens to choose from when your preferences change with the seasons. Doc martens come in all different styles, materials, and designs.

When it is too hot to wear leather boots during the summer, try selecting a fabric like cotton. You can still rock your doc martens without sacrificing style or comfort.

Different styles of doc martens for different occasions:

One of the best things about having so many different styles of doc martens to choose from is that you can use them in any setting, no matter the season. And when it comes to picking out your shoe style, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Even if you are shopping for a pair of classic men’s lace-up boots with metal caps, there are dozens of versions of these boots to choose from.

You can pick lace-up boots with a single colour, with a classic stitching design on the toes, or have them adorned with studs and metal pieces for a goth look.

You can also buy your lace-ups without eyelets if you know you want a boot that will be tough enough to handle anything you throw at them.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box or mix up different styles to make the unique shoe that is perfect for you.

Some people like wearing their boots with laces, but if it’s too hot out, there are some other options on the market that might work for you.

There are slip-on boots with the same amazing quality as other doc martens, just without laces to worry about.

Doc martens also make sandals if lace-ups aren’t your thing (but really, who doesn’t like wearing boots 24/7?), and they make casual shoes too. You can still get your classic doc marten to look without sweating through your socks.

how to make them more comfortable and last longer?

Doc marten boots are comfortable shoes since they were originally designed as work boots for the British military after World War II. However, some people might find that their first pair of doc martens aren’t as comfy as expected.

If this becomes a problem for you and your feet start to hurt despite wearing thick socks, there is a quick fix that can make your boots feel much more comfortable. Before you even lace up your pair of doc martens, spray the inside with a good quality shoe shine solution.

This makes it easier for the leather to bend and flex when you walk around in them all day long, which means they are less likely to irritate your skin or pinch your toes.

The leather inside of your boots will absorb the spray and become soft so that they won’t irritate you as bad, and this will help them last longer, too, since all that bending and flexing isn’t bad for the material over time.

Of course, you could always go with cotton or cotton twill boots if your main concern is avoiding sweat and discomfort in the warmer months. Or, if you want to make your doc martens even more comfortable, try sleeping in them a few times before wearing them out during the day.

The leather won’t need to bend as much when you put them on since it will be already shaped with your foot inside. This will make them feel much more comfortable when you wear them all day long. Many people love doc martens, but many others find that they aren’t quite as comfy as expected.

However, if you follow the three tips above for making your shoes last longer and be more comfortable, then there is no reason why you can’t rock your doc martens all year round.

Where to buy doc martens on a budget?

To buy doc martens on a budget, buy them when retailers need to clear out their inventory at the end of the season.

If your area has a cool and rainy autumn-like Britain, you can also get cheap doc martens during the summertime (or pair of shoes if seasons are reversed for you).

This may seem counterintuitive because who wants boots in the summer? However, if you can find pairs of men’s or women’s boots already on sale at the end of the season, they will probably be much cheaper than usual.

Since retailers need to clear out their inventory so badly, you might even be able to negotiate a better price for boots with them since they have to move all of that stock.

Another thing that you can try if you are dead set on buying doc martens is to wait until the next fall to see if retailers have any leftovers from summer clearance sales still in stock.

There are millions of people out there looking for shoes or boots during autumn because they need something better than sneakers or flip flops to wear around in the fall and winter, so there is a lot of demand for doc martens.

The only downside to waiting until next year is that they will be more expensive than if you were able to buy them on sale during summertime clearance sales, but your feet will thank you because it means you won’t have to struggle through the summer with a pair of boots that aren’t as cool as you want them to be.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about can you wear doc martens in the summer:

Where can I buy doc martens on sale?

You can buy doc martens on sale at the end of summer when retailers are clearing out their inventory for fall. If your area experiences the opposite seasons, you may be able to find cheap men’s or women’s boots just in time for winter clearance sales that start around August and end in November.

Where can I find cheap doc martens?

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a good time to buy cheap men’s or women’s boots since retailers need to clear out their inventory for the upcoming fall season.

If your area experiences the opposite seasons, you may be able to find cheap doc martens just in time for winter clearance sales that start around August and end in November.

How can I make my doc martens more comfortable?

You can pair your shoes with thick socks, spray them with leather cleaner and soften the material by wearing them in, or try sleeping in them a few nights before wearing them out during the day.

What is an easy way to clean my doc martens?

If you need to, you can gently wipe the surface of your doc martens with a wet cloth and mild soap or leather cleaner. You can also use dark shoe polish to cover up scuffs if necessary.

How do I clean my doc martens?

A damp cloth with some mild soap or leather cleaner will work to clean your boots if they get dirty. You can also use dark shoe polish to cover up scuffs.

Are doc martens bad for your feet?

Doc martens are not bad for the feet. They are more comfortable than you would expect them to be, especially once you wear them. However, if you wear them with thick socks and spray the material with leather cleaner to soften it up, they will be even more comfortable.

Can I match my doc martens to my outfit?

Yes, you can match your boots with your outfits since there is a wide selection of colours available for men’s and women’s doc martens.

What are the pros and cons of wearing doc martens?

The pros of wearing a pair of men’s or women’s boots is that you get to express yourself both through fashion and comfort since they look great with almost any outfit.

On the other hand, if your feet get too hot, the cons of wearing a pair of shoes are that you have to deal with sweating your feet in them, but this can be combatted by making sure that you wear thick socks with your doc martens.

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