How to Remove Kiwi Shoe Whitener?

Like me, you probably love your white shoes but hate how quickly they become stained and discoloured. Kiwi shoe whitener is a great temporary solution, but what happens when you want to remove it?

In this post, I’ll show you how to easily remove kiwi shoe whitener and get your shoes back to their original colour. Enjoy!

What is a Kiwi shoe whitener?

Kiwi shoe whitener is a quick and easy way to make old and dirty shoes look new again.

It’s a shoe whitening kit with everything you need to get professional-looking results at home. It comes with a brush, polishing cloth, and cleansing cream all in one kit.

How to remove Kiwi shoe whitener?

It’s not too difficult to get rid of the kiwi shoe whitener, but it can take time and effort. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Take your shoes outside or somewhere where they won’t be damaged by spilled liquid (e.g. near the sink).

2. Mix warm water and baking soda (a couple of tablespoons) to make a paste.

3. Use an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush to scrub the kiwi shoe whitener off your shoes gently.

4. If there are any marks left, you can further treat them with lemon juice and leave them for 5 minutes before washing them away with warm water.

5. Once the kiwi shoe whitener has been entirely removed, use a damp cloth to remove any excess paste or liquid from the shoe.

6. Once your shoes are clean and dry (e.g. overnight), you can apply a new layer of kiwi shoe whitener.

The pros and cons of using Kiwi shoe whitener:

The pros of using a kiwi shoe whitener are that it’s a cheap and effective way to make your shoes look new again.

However, the cons are that the kiwi shoe whitener only lasts a few days before you need to reapply it, and it can be harsh on leather and may damage certain types of fabric.

Alternatives to Kiwi shoe whitener:

There are a few alternatives to kiwi shoe whitener. The cheapest alternative is baby spit, which can be used similarly to baking soda and warm water.

Other alternatives include getting your shoes professionally reconditioned or using a specialist shoe cleaner.

Where to buy Kiwi shoe whitener?

If you want to try a kiwi shoe whitener, Amazon is the cheapest place to get it. There are usually several sellers offering competitive prices.

But if it’s out of stock there, you can also get it on eBay for a similar price.

How much does the Kiwi shoe whitener cost?

Kiwi shoe whitener costs between $7 and $14, depending on your buy size. The standard price seems to be $8 for 26 ounces of kiwi shoe whitener.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how to remove Kiwi shoe whitener:

Where can I find a kiwi shoe whitener?

Kiwi shoe whitener is usually found in Walmart, Kroger, and CVS, but it’s also available at many online retailers such as Amazon with free shipping for orders over $25.

How much does the kiwi shoe whitener cost?

On average, 26 ounces of kiwi shoe whitener costs $8-$14.

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